As the founder of Ascend, Ryan leads the clinical team with over 12 years of experience directly supervising the care of those suffering from addiction. Ryan has helped over 2,500 patients during his time in the field. For Ryan, addiction is more than just a field of study. He has watched addiction impact his own life and the lives of others around him. Many of his close friends have been lost due to addiction. Ryan has the ability to relate to his patients, which gives him the invaluable perspective of a bird’s-eye-view of the addiction recovery process. He can show patients that recovery is not just escaping addiction but being able to truly extend healing beyond residential treatment. Ryan graduated in 2001 from the University of Utah with a Masters of Social Work. 

Through Ascends relationship-based therapy, he is able to work hard to provide that relationship of care that can help clients be successful. He truly loves and believes in the 3-step process of recovery that Ascend employs to help clients integrate these concepts more completely. For Ryan, Ascend is the most clinically sound program with which he could associate himself.