Mallie joined the Ascend team in 2013, after packing her car and driving from Birmingham, AL. After years of struggle, pain, and multiple interventions, Mallie decided to give up on her battle with drugs and alcohol and realized how powerful and crippling addiction can be. She discovered Ascend a few years before when she met the Salter family in the mountains of Utah and, after hearing about the program, had an overwhelming feeling that she needed to be a part of the Ascend family.

Mallie’s past allows her to relate to each person who walks into the facility. She has over ten years of experience in the field of addiction, both as an addict and a rehab specialist. As the Alumni Director she is passionate about providing the best after-care support there is to offer. She has experienced first-hand the importance of peer support in the first few years of sobriety and strives to be a positive influence on every patient she interacts with. Mallie loves organizing activities around the state, doing her best to help her patients experience the natural beauty that surrounds them. Mallie also looks forward to hosting the annual alumni reunion in Salt Lake City, where she feels the true bond and healing power of the Ascend family is on full display.


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