Jayme struggled with her addictions to drugs and alcohol for roughly 9 years. By the age of 23, she didn’t think she was ever going to be able to stop. She had been to several treatment facilities but wasn’t fully ready to do the work to stay sober. In 2013, Jayme successfully completed her treatment at Ascend Recovery and has been sober since.

Jayme comes from a Culinary Arts background and worked for a little over 2 years as one of the personal chefs at Ascend. During that same time, she also worked two nights a week as a Psych Tech at Ascend’s Sober Living facility. She can really relate with the clients, as she was once a client herself. Jayme has dedicated every aspect of her life to her recovery and knows what it takes to first get sober and to stay sober. She is so grateful that she gets to be a part of the client’s journey into sobriety and loves to be able to help them find the happiness and joy that, she too, experiences every day.