August 28th 2014 is the day the consequences became unacceptable to Jackie. At the age of 31, after 15 years of using drugs and alcohol the pain was finally bad enough for her to surrender to the 12-Step program. And that’s when her life trully began.

Backing up a bit, Jackie was raised in Bountiful, Utah and grew up in a loving family, the oldest of 3 kids. She played sports, was involved in school, and had lots of friends. She started struggling with her self image at a young age. Her junior year of high school she was brutally raped by four men, which turned her world upside down. Jackie began to self medicate from that point on. Her drug usage led her to the gang life, jails, institutions, the loss of custody of her children, hospital visits, overdoses, being stabbed in a fight, and diagnosed with PTSD. The rock bottoms and trauma ran deep. When Jackie entered into her 8th treatment center she was introduced to the 12-step program, the rooms of A.A, C.A., and H.A.. In those meetings she was also introduced to a sponsor, a higher power of her understanding, the big book of alcoholics anonymous, and the 12 steps. It was there her recovery journey began. Through living the program she was given a second chance at life.

She lives and breaths recovery today. Through sobriety she has built new beautiful relationships with sober and clean people, mended broken relationships with family, gained custody back of her little girl, has her own beautiful home, drives a new car, and provides for her and her daughter alone. She sponsors many women in the 12-step program, works as support with many abused women, ran a sober living for women, is very much involved with the recovery community, is on convention committees for A.A., has service positions in meetings, and shares her story at rehabs and sober livings.

In July 2016 she was brought into the Ascend family as Patient Care Coordinator, leaving her career managing a chain of hair salons involved with “Fashion Runway.” The team at Ascend Recovery welcomed her with open arms. Her passion for helping those find recovery and being a part of there journey had her feeling right at home. Jackie is so grateful for life today the blessings are far more then she could have ever imagined. Through experience, hope, faith, and courage, she continues to share the message of recovery and live her life in the solution today.