Bogie Bowles entered recovery from addiction at the age of eighteen. He credits his recovery with allowing him to follow his dream of a career in music. He has toured and recorded with various artists for over twenty years, traveling the world and learning from other cultures. Deciding to make a change in his life, he returned to school in 2011 and majored in Social Work. He received his BSW from the University of Utah in 2014, and his MSW from the University of North Carolina in 2015. His internship at the psychiatric unit at Duke Hospital gave Bogie a solid start and greater insight on the connection of mental health and addiction treatment. From there he worked with a large treatment facility using his unique background to co-create a program specifically designed to treat music industry professionals. Additionally, he co-wrote a curriculum for an Extended Care Program focusing on the challenges of recovery in everyday life. Bogie came to Ascend in 2019 seeking to further his experience in treating co-occurring disorders, and to continue pursuing his passion for service. In his personal life he continues to play and record music, enjoys being in nature, engages in the recovery community, and practices meditation.