Intervention: Removing the Roadblocks to Recovery
The end goal of an intervention is to help your loved one out of denial and into treatment. Learn more about how an intervention works and what you should and shouldn’t do to help someone with an addition.



Trauma-Informed Therapy for Addiction Recovery
Many people with an addiction have suffered trauma at some point. The psychological consequences can last for years, leaving survivors feeling unsafe and powerless in their lives.


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Understanding Dual Diagnosis and its Role in Effective Addiction Treatment
If you research substance abuse related disorder in addition to a psychiatric disorder, you will come across two terms in your research: co-occurring disorders and dual diagnosis.


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Overview of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Recovering from substance abuse requires an active approach to the situation. When you or a loved one starts abusing drugs or alcohol, it impacts thought processes and the way that the body works.


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Why People Ignore the Dangers of Prescription Drugs
Prescription drug addiction is in some ways more pervasive than illegal drug abuse because prescribed drugs are legal and fairly easy to obtain.


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Introduction to Experiential Therapy
Since each individual has different goals, concerns and interests, an appropriate treatment plan will provide several options and tools to help with the recovery process. .